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10k Vegan Chkn Recipe

This recipe produces 12 succulent "chicken breasts" that are ready to use as a substitute in any recipe where you'd normally use chicken breast meat. The steps are simple but it is important that they are followed to the letter or the texture will not turn out correctly.

Look at the texture of the Chkn!

Shopping list

You will need the following ingredients (contains affiliate links, please use if you can):

* A 400g can contains about 250g cooked beans and 150g bean juice. If you have larger cans then weigh out these two parts individually and use the rest of the beans an juice for another recipe.

For the poaching liquor:

Equipment list

You will need the following equipment

Let's Cook!

  1. Add the Tofu, Beans and bean water to the blender and process on low for 2 minutes
  2. Scrape down the sides and add the Oil, Stock, Miso, Salt, ACV and Baking Powder then process on high for 1 minute until you have a completely smooth, thick liquid - stop and scrape down the sides if you see any large bits not getting processed. It needs to be completely smooth so take your time with this step and ensure there are no solid flecks of the ingredients!
  3. Switch the blender on to low setting again and slowly add the VWG while it runs. When it’s all added process for 2 mins. If your blender sounds too strained take half out and do this step in two or three smaller batches .
  4. After 2 mins rest the dough in the blender for 5-10 mins - have a cup of tea!. Do not skip this step. Resting the dough allows the gluten to fully hydrate and this is will allow it to develop a much better bond during the second kneed.
  5. Process again for 2 mins on low - you should end up with a silky smooth dough with a texture a bit like chewed bubble gum (gross I know).
  6. Prepare the poaching liquor by adding the 2.5Ltr of water to the 5Ltr stock pot followed by 3T Massel Chicken Stock Powder and one halved bulb of garlic. whisk it until the stock is dissolved and heat up until boiling.
  7. With oiled hands transfer the dough from the blender to the work surface, form into a long sausage shape and use a sharp knife to portion it into 12 pieces roughly the same size.
  8. Form the bits into “chicken breast” kind of shapes, no need to be too fussy, irregularity will make them look more realistic. Now take a fork or knife and stab them repeatedly.
  9. When the stock is boiling add each piece of chicken one at a time to the pot. They will sink to the bottom.
  10. Bring the pot up to a simmer and set a timer for 45mins
  11. Place a metal colander on top of the pot so that it dips into the simmering stock. This is to stop the Chkn pieces from popping out. After a few minutes you will see the meat floating to the top. At this stage place the heavy lid on the colander.

    They will try to escape unless you use weight to keep them under!

  12. Every once in a while use a metal slotted spoon to stir them and submerge any bits that have been out of the stock.
  13. When the timer goes after 45 mins use a slotted spoon to transfer the chicken carefully one piece at a time to a large casserole dish or deep baking tray. Pour over the poaching liquor so the pieces are almost completely submerged.
  14. Allow to cool at room temperature then drain off the poaching liquor - this can be reserved and added to a soup. Now transfer the breasts to an air-tight container and drizzle liberally with extra virgin olive oil. Place them in the fridge for at least 24 hours, preferably 2-3 days. This step causes the gluten to tighten up and develop the firm but shredded texture - If you eat it immediately after cooking it will be very spongey and not at all meat like. DO NOT skip this step!
  15. After the 24 hours has passed the Chkn is ready to use in your recipes. Keep it in a tupperware for up to a week.

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