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VFC (Vegan Fried Chicken) w/ Candied Red Jalapeños

So you've made a nice big batch of 10K chkn and it's been resting for at least 24 hours in the fridge. Your hard work and patience is about to be rewarded! It's time to make VFC! For this you'll need:

Shopping list

  • 6 x 10K Chkn Breast Portions
  • 175g Plain / All-purpose flour
  • 30g Old Bay seasoning or Dunn's River Chicken Seasoning or KFC style spice mix (see below *)
  • 250g Plant-milk (I use Soy)
  • 4T Pickling juice from a jar of Dill Pickles
  • 1Ltr Sunflower or Vegetable oil
  • Some Maldon Sea Salt
  • Some Dried Parsley
  • Lots of Candied Red Jalapeños
  • Cold Beer


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* KFC Spices - there are loads of recipes online for the spice mix used by KFC. You can find a good one on Wikipedia here: KFC mix

Equipment list

  • Digital cooking thermometer
  • Two lareg bowls for the liquid and dredge mixes
  • Wide bottomed and deep pan for frying
  • Metal BBQ tongs or metal slotted spoon
  • Large baking tray with a metal cooling rack that fits inside
  • Large Plate or Tray

Let's Cook!

  1. Start by taking the Chkn portions out of the fridge about 30 minutes before you want to cook to take the chill off them.
  2. Pre-heat your oven to 100c (212F)
  3. You can fry these as whole pieces or you could tear them into smaller chunks or even cube them to make popcorn-style chkn.
  4. Next - make up the dipping liquid by putting the plant-milk and the pickle juice in a bowl and giving it a quick stir.
  5. Now make the dredge. Put the flour and spices into another bowl and use a whisk to mix them so the spices are evenly distributed. There are loads of pre-made mixes for fried chicken and most of them are vegan so feel free to play around here. My favourite is the Dunn's River seasoning which is really cheap and has lovely notes of cinnamon from the cassia. Old Bay seasoning is also amazing and of course you can hunt out many KFC blend recipes online.
  6. You should now have two bowls, one with the wet mix and one with the dry dredging mix.
  7. Now add the oil to your pan and heat it up. Check the temperature every few minutes and make sure you never let the oil go above 200c (392F). The target temperature for frying is 170c - 180c (338F - 356F)
  8. While the oil heats up it's time to dip the Chkn. Take a piece and pop it in the milk to coat. Lift it up and lightly shake to remove any big drips then place it in the dredge. Try to use only one of your hands for flouring so you always have a clean hand and a floury hand. Use your flouring hand to cover the piece in the flour mix then pick the piece up and repeat putting it in the milk and then dredge. Once done place it on the plate and continue to coat the remaining pieces.
  9. Check your oil temp and once you're at the target temp of 170c - 180c (338F - 356F) carefully place a few of the pieces in the pan - not too may as this will cause the oil temp to drop too much. Don't drop them from a height as this can cause the oil to splash. Just gently lay them into the oil away from you.
  10. Turn the pieces over every minute for about 6-9 mins all the time checking the oil temperature and adjusting the hob to keep it in the ideal temperature range.
  11. Cooking the second batch - note the difference in colour between the ones in the pan and the ones that have been cooked.

  12. Once the pieces are beautifully coloured take them out and place onto the cooling rack inside a baking tray and keep them in the oven to stay warm and crisp while you cook the rest of the batch.
  13. To serve - place the fried Chkn out on serving board. Scatter Candied Jalapeños over the top then drizzle with some of the candied Jalapeño syrup. Then a generous sprinkle of Maldon salt flakes and finally a sprinkle of dried parsley. Open a beer and dig it!
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