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What is Detroit Pizza?

Detroit pizza is a rectangular pan-pizza with a light, pillowy base about 1″ deep. The cheese is pushed up to the edge of the pan where it caramelises and forms a jagged crispy cheese edge called a “Frico”. It was invented in the 1940’s at a pizzeria in Detroit called Buddy’s Rendezvous who used drip-trays from the local automotive industry to bake the pizzas.

The style has stayed largely unknown to the rest of the world until 2012 when Shawn Randazzo won the Las Vegas International Pizza Expo world championship with a Detroit Style Pizza. Since then the style has found a new fan-base but remains hard to find outside the USA.

The Detroit style pizzas we make are aiming to be respectful to the core concepts of this style but we’re definitely riffing on the idea rather than attempting to make an “Authentic” product. We use the very highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on and put a huge amount of work into making these pizzas.

Where do I collect from?

We’re at a pub called The Orchard Inn which is near the SS Great Britain on the south side of Bristol harbour. The address is: The Orchard Inn, Hanover Place, Harbourside. BS1 6XT

Where’s the meat?

There isn’t any. All of our pizzas are meat-free. We use some of the absolute best meat substitutes from the UK as well as making some in-house.

What’s Vegan Brick Cheese?

Traditionally Detroit Style pizza uses a type of cheese made in Wisconsin called Brick cheese which is a mild flavoured cheese that melts very well and crisps up beautifully around the edge of the pizza. We make our own vegan version in-house using a cashew nut base and it’s far superior to most vegan cheeses you can buy.

Why do I have to order in advance?

Unlike most of the styles of pizza we have in the UK these Deep-dish pizzas take a long time to bake. Neapolitan pizza takes just 60-90 seconds to cook whereas a Detroit Style pizza takes 20 minutes to bake, de-pan and finish. By doing pre-orders we can control the flow of orders.

It also takes a long time to prepare the dough for these pizzas. They are “twice-baked” to ensure a deliciously crunchy bottom. From start to finish each base takes 2 days to make with multiple phases of fermentation, shaping, proofing, baking and cooling before we can create the finished pizza.


What size should I get?

Our regular pizzas are 8″ x 10″ which may sound small but it is a lot of food – about the same amount of dough and toppings that you’d use for a 12-14″ Italian pizza. Our large size pizza is 10″ x 14″ and will happily feed two hungry people.


Check you are in our delivery radius

We are currently delivering within a 3.5km radius of our harbourside base in BS1.